Helles Lagerbier – Real Ale Brewing Co.


On one of my weekly trips to The Cellar in Odessa, TX, I found myself wanting out of the IPA rut I had seemed to dig myself. I got to thinking, “I’d really love to have a good lager”, so I set out to find one!

Introducing, the Helles, from Real Ale Brewing Co. Labeled and advertised as such, Real Ale is a true “only in Texas” brewery, producing and packaging beer in Blanco (Blanko, not Blonko, I’ve learned the locals will correct you), TX.

The first thing that caught my eye were the pastel colors of the label and packaging. The green against yellow background made this guy stand out, even if it was on the top shelf in the back. The second coolest thing I saw was that they put “Lagerbier” in the title. I was looking for a lager, and I think I found one.



This lager pours pretty good right down the middle of the glass. BEAUTIFUL yellow color comes out in the pour. The aroma of the malts really come right out of the glass. Great white fluffy head, with a lacing that doesn’t cling too long.

Tastes great and refreshing, perfectly balanced between the malt and hops. Most of the sweetness is upfront on initial taste but still has a little hop bitterness on the back of the tongue to finish it off. A little dryness which is welcome not only in the warm weather but also helps subdue a little of the maltiness of the beer.

At an ABV of 4.8%, this is great selection that you can’t miss on for your summer night beer drinkin’. I was impressed from start to finish.